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SPRINGIt’s time to spruce up your patio

Here are some great ideas for making your outdoor space inviting and cozy.

Choose statement seating.  With the new resins for outdoor furniture being durable, light and less expensive, you can choose some really special chairs that catch your eye and are relaxing at the same time.   These come in a variety of shapes and colors.  Pillows made with endurance fabrics such as “Sunbrella” ensure easy cleaning and no fading.

Imagine how cozy you would feel, cuddled up in this cool, modern sculptured chair.  The orange and turquoise colors are bright and whimsical.  The ottoman can be used by the special chair and a regular one.

Extend your indoor style to the outdoors
for a more coordinated look.  Choose colors that match or complement what’s in the adjacent room.  This will draw your eye from indoors to out.  With many outdoor rugs also suitable to indoors, you can choose two sizes for the two spaces to pull everything together.  These rugs are extremely durable and come at a very good price.

Here is a colorful rug that brightens up an indoor space.  Put a smaller one outside the patio doors and coordinate with brightly-colored upholstery as in the second picture.

For a small space, stay simple and neutral.  
Furniture with open sight lines and small features will help keep your space from feeling cluttered.  Neutral colors will stretch your sight to whatever is beautiful in the distance – whether that be open sky or beautiful greenery.  Here is a simple bar-height table and chairs that doesn’t interfere with the view.  A traditional look such as this white bistro set, adds a stand-out impression for this lush, green environment.

Choose what fits. 
Small space, small furniture.  Large space, large furniture.  A simple way to choose a table and chair set is to match the shape of the table to the shape of your patio.  Here’s a lovely set for a square space.  It seats eight and offers versatile backless stools that can also be used as ottomans for the other chairs or for dining.

Think your small space can’t include a fire feature?   Here’s one that comes in several colors and is well priced for most any budget.

Jazz it up with pillows. 
Pillows and patio both begin with “P” and there’s a reason.  Pillows will help your space come alive with color.  Choosing neutral fabrics for your large pieces, allows you to change your colors with the pillows as you wish, as the season changes or as things wear out.   Check out this neutral space with a splash of orange and turquoise.  It would look just as great with red and yellow or blue and purple.

Here is a  beautiful, neutral porch gussied up for fall.  You can imagine it just as well for summer with potted geraniums and pillows in pinks and red.  In the second picture, a neutral sectional features different shades and patterns of blue, green and orange for a hot summer feel.

All of these beautiful items and thousands more are available at Lake Wylie Home Furniture where you’ll get a private shopping experience with Susan who will share her design skills and furniture knowledge to make sure you are getting just what you need.  Call or text in advance for an appointment.  You’ll be happy you did.  704-770-7741