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Observations at High Point Market

The semi-annual “big” market at High Point was held in mid-October.  Known as the “furniture capital of the world”,  High Point houses over 1,000 exhibitor show rooms featuring all kinds of furniture, accessories, fabrics, bedding and more.  I usually spend two days visiting the various vendors and don’t even pretend to be able to find my way around. 😊

At every market, companies show designer samples of new items.  They get feedback from the buyers who often place advance orders and then decide which items to add to their line-up.   Sometimes the things I like don’t make it and some things “ugly” in my opinion become big sellers.  Different taste is what makes the world go ‘round.

This year I saw some very interesting trends and specifics that I’d like to share with you.

Inventory vs. Style   This market was more about inventory than it was about style and new models.  The pandemic has caused a huge slowdown in manufacturing while spending was up because people were staying at home.  Some venders have done better at keeping  up inventory than others.  Upholstered items have been particularly difficult to come by.   On many vendor sites, we see dates of summer 2022 for more inventory to arrive.  Yikes!


Emerald Home has lots of inventory of their well-priced, high-quality sets.  I’m impressed every time I sit on their sofas at the solid nature of their frames.  They are also doing a great job providing complete sets so you can decorate an entire room in one stop.  The yellow-flowered pillows and ottoman along with nail-head trim add life to these neutral pieces.  The gray sectional with plaid pillows and matching recliner is a great family room look.  Dad will be happy with the recliner and mom will like that it is not a bulky, oversized piece.

Enza USA is relatively new to the American market.  They are one of the largest furniture providers in Europe and make their items in Turkey which is a country least affected by pandemic.  Their items are smaller in scale and perfect for apartment dwellers.  Many of their sofas fold out into beds and provide extra storage for those with limited space.  Enza also makes a complete like of high-quality mattresses at extraordinary prices.  We have some in our showroom so come try them out.    If you like a more modern style, Enza has great items at the right price.

Furniture of America is a full-line supplier where we can get all styles from traditional to glam.   Due to their size they have been better at having things in stock than most.  They are also top drawer on customer service to both their dealers and end users.  During the last two years, they have been emphasizing product that is made in the USA.  In fact, they have devoted a whole catalog just to that category.  More and more we Americans want to support the home front and they are helping us do it.    Made in USA products have typically been higher priced, however, now that ocean freight has become so expensive, we are seeing the prices level out more.  Don’t be afraid to shop “Made in America”.

COLOR, COLOR and more COLOR!   Beige and gray took a back seat at this market to royal blue, bright coral, sea green and other plant-based colors.  Velvets were featured in many colors.  Best of all, the velvets are durable with high-performance qualities that let you clean them easily.   Colors could be bright and shocking or warm and cozy.

Furniture of America leads off its new catalog with this striking picture showing that bright does not have to be contemporary.  This scene offers a warm and comforting vibe that would fit in any environment.

Speaking of color, a customer visited us recently who said,  “I love purple.  I don’t suppose you have a sofa in purple?”  Of course we do.  Just about any color your heart desires is available.  She chose the one in the first picture that has a more contemporary vibe but all three choices were available to her.

Colors particularly hot this season are teal blue, emerald green and dusty rose.  We also saw a lot of “channel tufting” on upholstery along with the well-loved “button tufting”.  By the way, these sofa styles each come in many colors including neutral white, light or dark gray and beige as well as vibrant colors such as cognac, pink and royal blue.  All three of these sofas have matching loveseat and chairs and come in that fabulous “performance velvet”.

GOLD vs. SILVER – Many metal finishes have been transitioning from chrome and silver to gold, rose gold and bronze.  The silvers tend to make a room feel cool while the gold gives off a warmer vibe.  We saw many rooms set up with both gold and silver finishes and they looked smashing!

In this first picture, we see gold being used very effectively in a kitchen that features stainless steel and gray accents.  Just because things are gray, don’t go right to silver as is demonstrated in the second photo.  A touch of black brings this all together with the bright emerald chair.  Finally, the dining set with bronze nailhead trim, gives a warm and cozy vibe in this dining room.

Come shop with us at Lake Wylie Home Furniture and Susan will help you find some great items in whatever style matches your fancy.  According to Ronny,  “The furniture industry is having a rough time due to the COVID situation so delivery can take a while (which is everywhere right now) , but I can guarantee here you will find everything you need for your house. Miss Susan will make sure to sit down with you and find the right items for your entire house. Mr Jim will call you for your order updates.”  

All the items in this blog post are available for your purchase. You can count on us to spend whatever time is necessary to meet your timeframe and your budget.  Call or text for an appointment.  704-770-7741