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Popular Design Trends for the 20’s Decade

During the last year, many things have changed in how we design our homes. The stay-at-home days driven by the pandemic have caused us to think and act about our surroundings. Work-at-home has been the biggest driver but there has also been an emphasis on home entertainment areas such as theaters and game rooms.

How we design these spaces as changed as well. Here are some design trends that have emerged in the last year.

Curved Statements

Now for a look at the traditional. How about this cream-colored set that avoids the heavy, old-fashioned Victorian look or one that is even more traditional in a light, airy color. Note that soft curves make these sets feel “homier”.

Somewhere in the middle, we find beautiful curves for soft eye appeal.

Silver vs. Gold; Chrome vs. Brass

Back in the 80s we loved brass bathroom fixtures – how luxurious we thought they were with rich wood colors. Then there was a transition to chrome – stainless steel appliances to go with our bright white, and gray kitchens. Now, we’re starting to see a trend back to gold but this time it takes on a mid-century vibe which compliments the light, bright look. Many sophisticated designers are using both and making it work beautifully.

Here’s a company that offers a choice by including both gold and silver legs in many of their styles.

I particularly like some traditional looks that feature both gold and silver and fit in with many color schemes. Items with a touch of gold on white add extra flair.

On the more modern side, gold takes on a sophisticated look when incorporated in dining sets. We love the gold bases on these tables which go with many different color chairs. Some of them are even “rose” gold. The effective use of black legs on the chairs helps draw your eye to the luxury of the gold base on the table. Some chairs have black legs with touches of gold. In this home office, a chrome table gels well with the gray and black accents

The “Industrial” Look

Industrial works well in a masculine setting. It can be easily combined with nature-inspired items such as live edge wood. It tends to take on a modern vibe but can also have a traditional orientation. Here’s a dining set that features iron bent legs, grommets around the edge and nail-head trim on the chairs. It leans toward industrial but is a bit less masculine. The table comes in bar height, counter height and regular height as do the chairs which are in beige, blue or gray. On the extreme end of industrial is this dining set with a metal trestle base in a rustic oak finish.

Industrial works very well in offices and boys’ rooms. Here’s a set that’s called “Cargo” – designed in the style of cargo containers that are transported on big ships. It comes in the gray (pictured here), red, white and blue. There is a large selection of pieces in this set including bunk beds, desks and bookcases. This industrial-style office has plenty of storage with an open feel. The room feels less crowded than it would with a heavy desk.

Here’s an example of “industrial gone natural” with its metal feet and live edge headboard. The solid acacia wood headboard shows off the unique knots and whorls of the wood while a bent iron foot adds an industrial juxtaposition to the natural. One of my favorite occasional table sets combines metal and wood in an angular way that allows side tables legs to slide under a sofa to save space.

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