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What’s Up with the Furniture Shortage?

Several factors resulting from the pandemic and other events have caused many household items to be in short supply. But there are still some things available with reasonable lead times. Here’s what happened.

1. Factories around the world were shuttered as the virus rampaged reducing inventory available.

2. As people stayed home, they became more interested in sprucing up their surroundings – hence the desire for decorating and remodeling. Instead of spending on travel, entertainment, and meals out, families had extra funds to splurge on their living quarters. Sales jumped up and quickly emptied warehouses of items that were available.

3. To add insult to injury, there was a major weather crisis in Texas where most of the foam is manufactured for upholstered items and mattresses. Even domestic manufacturers had to reduce manufacturing time because they couldn’t get the materials.

4. Now all this has compounded into a shipping crisis as demand is high and both domestic and international freight has slowed dramatically due to lack of employees.

To those of us in the industry, it looks like there are still many months of shortages ahead. So what should a customer do? Here are some answers:

1. Be Patient! ! ! You are going to live with this furniture for a long time so waiting a few extra months is prudent – be sure not to settle and get what you really love.

2. Place orders early. If you see what you like, put down a small deposit and get your name on the list. Many imported items are sold out before they even ship. By all means, do not pay in full for something you can’t be sure of getting in a reasonable time frame. Be particularly careful of on-line merchants who are very willing to take your money and then avoid delivering.

3. Shop with someone who knows the inventory and can give you a good sense of when items will be available. Make sure you get regular updates on what is going on. We look at all our sources – over 40 manufacturers and distributors – to see who has what to serve your needs.

All that being said, there are still things in stock that we can deliver in 2 to 4 weeks. Here are just some examples of how to shop right now.

Traditional Furniture

If your style is for traditional items with details, carving and scrolling, you’re in luck. Dark colors are more readily available.

Mix and Match

Sometimes pieces of sets are available and not all the items. We have many dining tables without chairs that can be mixed with something that complements rather than matches. Try this contemporary look with a variety of chairs. To pull it together, make sure your chairs feature some chrome or are a high contrast. I love the idea of this table with 6 colorful chairs. Note the silver nail head trim on the blue high-performance velvet chair.

Here’s another dining mix and match in gold. You can create a soft, peaceful environment with the very popular “blush” look or something bold with Emerald green.

Bedrooms are nice if they are a full set, however, they can also be very classy with mix and match items. Upholstered beds complement all styles of case pieces – wood-grained, mirrored or lacquered go well. Go bold with a turquoise bed and choose any one of these fab nightstands.

Here is an example of a neutral, gray, upholstered bed – extremely popular. In one case it is mixed with “glam” mirrored items and in the other, it features a dark wood theme. Upholstered beds seem to be more generally available and they come in many colors.

Choose Color

Gray is still the most popular neutral color. Because it is the most popular, it’s hard to find. Colorful items are more readily available. Color adds life to a room and if you are working at home, you certainly want to have a cheery environment. Here are a couple examples of rooms effectively done with dramatic color. Royal blue is especially hot right now and there are many styles of upholstery – both traditional and modern – in this color.

Come shop with us at Lake Wylie Home Furniture and we will help you find some great items that you can get quickly. You can count on Susan to spend whatever time is necessary to meet your timeframe and your budget. Call or text for an appointment. 704-770-7741